Elden Ring: the universe is revealed again with many gameplay videos in the heart of Voilorage castle

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Since its announcement, Elden Ring never ceases to be talked about. It must be said that all the lights are green: FromSoftware’s considerable expertise in the matter, a promising universe written with the creator of Game of Thrones and an artistic direction to knock down all fans of the Souls saga. Finally, the only downside may well lie in the technical achievement, criticized by some, but which the developers themselves have recently justified as not being their priority … and for good reason.

In short, it is a long time to be able to put your hands on Elden Ring, the exit of which is approaching slowly, but surely. And if the Japanese studio regularly indulges in many details about his baby – horse fights for example, where his main inspirations – there are many who want gameplay, always more gameplay: we have good news for them.

Voilorage Castle has already been featured in the past, but this new salvo of gameplay videos, shared by a surfer named ER-SA a few days ago on his YouTube channel, allows us to get a new glimpse of it. , more detailed. The player can walk freely in the many rooms, corridors and floors that will build this gigantic dungeon, with winding corners and labyrinthine level design.

Oriented towards outright exploration, these videos do not shed any light on the fighting., although we imagine the presence of unhealthy creatures all over the end game. Whatever, this is a great opportunity to once again set foot in this world as disturbing as it is fascinating, we recall in collaboration with George RR Martin, visibly under the spell of the work carried out by Japanese designers.

Elden Ring will be released on February 25 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

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