PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series reference steering wheels on sale at a knockdown price

Xbox Series

After the extraordinary G25 and G27, Logitech launched the G29 and G920, two models of the same wheel, one for PS4 and PS5, the other for Xbox One and Xbox Series. Either way, the steering wheel is compatible with Windows PCs.

The G29 or the G920 are sets that include a motorized steering wheel, with force feedback, accompanied by a 3-pedal pedal set with metal finish. It’s sturdy, powerful and with all the precision that one is entitled to expect from such a controller. A word also on the finish, irreproachable, with a leather wheel and a metal frame. Enough to offer an exceptional level of performance, both for racing simulations and for arcade games.

The G29 is compatible with all racing games designed to work with a steering wheel on PS4 and PS5. That is to say obviously Gran turismo Sport, F1 2024 (and previous versions), but also the Need For Speed, Dirt and Dirt rally, Project cars or Assetto Corsa series.

On Xbox, you will also find Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 5, for which the G920 was a reference steering wheel. And on PlayStation as on Xbox, the use of the G29 and G920 is super simple, and hardly requires a driver from Logitech on PC. You plug in, and it works. The steering wheel is recognized as an official controller and its many front panel controllers allow you to navigate the game and console menus without any difficulty.

And you don’t need a dedicated cockpit to enjoy it. If the G29 is certainly attached to professional equipment, it can also attach to a table, a coffee table, or even a desk. It is indeed equipped with jaws designed to absorb the force feedback without flinching while the pedals have a non-slip claw for carpets, letting you concentrate completely on your driving. a successful and serious product, for your greatest pleasure. No wonder it’s top selling at Amazon this winter sale.

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