Sale: the excellent Razer Blackshark gaming headset is at a knockdown price!

Xbox Series

If you want to enjoy quality sound for gaming in wireless and uncompromising mode, you can trust Razer and its Blackshark V2 Pro. It will offer you good sound performance, while remaining comfortable and efficient. Clearly, it’s a strong competitor in the gaming headset market thanks to its top performance. It’s currently on sale at Boulanger, with its price reduced from €199.99 to €149.99, that’s 25% off and €50 saved!

It’s the must of the must that we have here. Launched in fall 2024, it hasn’t aged a bit. Its Speed ​​wireless connection is really efficient and approved by many e-sport athletes, the brand tells us. Razer is also targeting competitive gamers here who want to live their experience to the fullest. If it mainly targets the PC market, you can clearly use it on your PS5 or your Xbox Series thanks to its integrated Jack cable.

The supercardioid microphone is not left out on this helmet. It will pick up your voice with good quality, perfect for in-game conversations. If you’re getting into streaming, you can even start with it, before upgrading to dedicated gear later. The software dedicated to this headset, Razer Synapse 3, will allow you to access many advanced settings that will help you get the most out of it!

The passive noise cancellation is really pleasant thanks to its closed ear cups which will cover all of your ears. The memory foam ear cushions are very soft and their weave is designed to minimize sweating and heat build-up. Finally, know that this Razer BlackShark has a good autonomy, up to 24 hours, which will allow you to play freely without the constraint of a wire!

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