Sales: One of the best football games on Xbox Series is at a very low price!

Xbox Series

Fifa is THE benchmark for football games that everyone fights for every year. The recipe changes little, but the price always remains high thanks to the little novelties that are introduced. To enjoy a family experience without breaking the bank, this Fifa 21 Next Level Edition version on Xbox Series X may be the perfect choice. It is currently at €16.99 instead of €49.99 at Cdiscount. As a reminder, its little brother, released more recently and with almost the same gameplay is at almost 70 € on the same console in box version too.

Fifa 23 is it ahead? Almost. With a still realistic and effective experience, EA Sports is one of the great leaders in the sports video game market with good reason. However, if you are not looking for the most advanced competitive experience and to play with friends and family, version 21 is more than enough, for a game that mainly changes rosters and jerseys every year. , while putting a little boost to some features that were a little less effective than intended in previous titles.

With this title you will have access to an excellent career mode, the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team system if you want to build your dream team, Volta Football which will allow you to dive into the heart of street football with your friends in fields scattered all over on the planet. You can also play in smaller areas for ever more satisfying gaming experiences.

In total, you will have access to 30 official championships, more than 700 teams and no less than 17,000 real players for an ultra pleasant realism.

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