Final Fantasy XIV: Players Fight to Find a Home, Is Eorzea’s Real Estate Market Unsuitable?

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Final Fantasy XIV: Players Fight to Find a Home, Is Eorzea's Real Estate Market Unsuitable?

If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a while, you’ve probably already taken in the classes, crafting, dungeons, and minigames offered by the game, and Apart from the Endwalker expansion, you don’t have much to explore. It is therefore very likely that one of your last projects in doubt is that of find a house to rest and have a space of your own.

Although they have no real use, houses allow players to have a space that is their own, and that they can customize as they see fit. You can customize the exterior by choosing the size of the house, its facade, doors, windows, roof, and you can even furnish the garden and plant a vegetable patch. The interior is customizable from floor to ceiling, and you also have access single rooms if it is a guild house. The personalization of your home is a relaxing step that gives free rein to the imagination, unlike the trials you will have to face to get it …

Final Fantasy XIV: Players Fight to Find a Home, Is Eorzea's Real Estate Market Unsuitable?

In addition to being very expensive, with prices that vary between 1,500,000 and 50,000,000 gil depending on the size of the land and market fluctuations, houses are more and more difficult to obtain. The incredible influx of players in recent months and the fact that each player can own more than one detached house at a time is partly to blame, but the real problem is the disproportionate number of buildings to be filled per server compared to the number of players.

Indeed, each server has a limited number of houses spread over the different neighborhoods : Brumée, Lavandière, La Coupe, and Shirogane. Each district has 1,440 houses, i.e. a total of 5760 homes per server. Note that European servers count on average 10,000 active players, more than 4000 players are left without the possibility of buying a house, and even more if we consider the players having more than one land.

To overcome this problem, there is an expulsion system : If a player does not visit their house for 45 consecutive days, it is demolished and put up for sale. That doesn’t make buying a home any easier, though, because it is necessary to wait several hours before the sale of it takes effect, which can take between 6 and 14 hours for the unlucky ones. As a result, a significant number of players wait in front of the field in question and spend hours clicking on the panel, hoping to be able to buy it, and some of them even use bots to click for them, which makes the competition even tougher.

Final Fantasy XIV: Players Fight to Find a Home, Is Eorzea's Real Estate Market Unsuitable?

However, there does seem to be a glow at the end of the tunnel: patch 6.1, whose release date is not yet known, promises to implement a new residential area. In addition to that, he will add a lottery system to allow players to be randomly chosen to buy a house, provided they have made a down payment.

While waiting for these changes, you can turn to the apartments available in the different districts, which either do not allow you to customize the exterior, but you can still have fun personalizing a room just for you. If you still prefer a house, we advise you to wait for the update to avoid too much frustration.

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