Fortnite, Chapter 3: opening safes solo, it’s possible … thanks to the chickens!

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This new chapter of Fortnite, he put forward the teamplay with this mechanism of the safes, but also that which makes that an ally on the ground gets up more quickly with several. But for the safes until then, it was an obligation to be the requested number.

Except that smart kids have done tests and we found that different elements are counted by the game on these safe locks. More precisely, there are three possible ways that we suggest you discover in the rest of this article.

The first way is probably the best known, is to put an NPC guard on the ground. Once that’s done, don’t kill him, just bring him to the safe lock. He will then be counted as if he were a player.

If you don’t have a guard handy, you might as well hire an NPC! Indeed, some NPCs on the map will offer to exchange their services for a game for a few ingots. These NPCs are counted as one person by the safe lock.

Finally, let’s finish with the craziest method of all, chickens. Indeed, if you find a hen near a safe, take it. once at the lock, you just have to raise the hen above your head so that it participates in the opening of the safe.

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