Fortnite: Epic Games would have signed a partnership with a giant of the cinema, new collaborations to the key!

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With the launch of chapter 3, Epic Games’ battle royale ended up topsy-turvy. However, the publisher, for his part, kept his ideas firmly in place, especially in terms of collaborations. On the sidelines of the deployment, the presence of certain personalities, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, or characters, like Spider-Man, fueled the debates on potential future collaborations within Fortnite., a practice that has, in a way, become the hallmark of Epic Games to add a little salt in the games of the players.

The game, which could also benefit from a whole new game mode in the more or less near future, recently revealed an unprecedented collaboration a few hours before the transition to the new year. After a year rich in crossovers, Epic Games seems indeed determined to go as strong in terms of collaborations as the recent leak around the game would prove.

It all started with a podcast from the XboxEra site. During a discussion in the company of Nick Baker, co-founder of the site and well-known insider in the field operating under the pseudonym Shpeshal_Nick, the latter mentioned the probable signing of a contract between Epic Games and Paramount in order to integrate the characters from the production company’s catalog into Fortnite. Moreover, first candidates would be found according to him.

I’ve been told that apparently Paramount has signed a deal with Epic to bring properties to Fortnite. The one I had heard of, the main one, was about the arrival of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Fortnite, which would be amazing. (…) It is the one that is most important to me.

According to Nick Baker, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could join the battle royale in the near future. If it is initially an intellectual property owned by the American chain Nickelodeon, the latter is one of the companies acquired by the parent company of Paramount, namely ViacomCBS.

Therefore, more than a license in particular, it is a larger catalog, made up of franchises such as Avatar, the last airbender, The legend Korra, South park, Spongebob, Star trek and many others, that could benefit Epic Games. For the moment, the formalization of this unprecedented partnership has not yet been made by one of the two actors but, given the words of Nick Baker, generally well informed, their association could soon be talked about.

Fortnite: Epic Games would have signed a partnership with a giant of the cinema, new collaborations to the key!

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