Game Awards 2024: Genshin Impact gives a glimpse of beautiful Yun Jin

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During this 2024 edition of the Game Awards, Genshin Impact won the award for Best Mobile Game. After that, we got to watch a brand new trailer for MiHoYo’s adventure game, which featured Arataki Itto and Gorou, in addition to a preview of a new character coming in version 2.4. This is Yun Jin, a dancer and singer who works at the Heyu tea room and who is an emblematic figure of Liyu opera.

A gift to celebrate the title of “Best Mobile Game”
Genshin Impact said on Friday, December 10 on Twitter that “400 primo-gems will be sent daily from December 11 to 14 at 00:00 (server time) via in-game messaging. All travelers with an Adventure level greater than or equal to 7 can collect this total of 1600 primo-gems before the end of version 2.3 “.
Game Awards 2024: Genshin Impact gives a glimpse of beautiful Yun Jin

Yun Jin appears briefly at the end of this new trailer, it has so far only been revealed on social media and will likely arrive in the next big update for Genshin Impact. The trailer features panoramic shots of the Inazuma region, an archipelago we just finished exploring that was set up with Update 2.3. Yun Jin is a Geo element character who wields the pole weapon (a spear), making him the third Geo character to come out in a row after Gorou and Arataki Itto. These two protagonists were previously confirmed and presented during the Genshin Impact livestream on the occasion of the release of version 2.3, a few days before its launch.

The arrival of Yun Jin seems to be a welcome one for the elementary class, which appears too small to make a decent team in the eyes of some players. She is able to reinforce the normal attacks of our characters while protecting them. For example, she can be paired with characters like Yoimiya, who rely heavily on their normal attacks. Thus, Genshin Impact continues to enrich its list of fighters, in order to offer many possibilities to its followers and continue to mobilize millions of players around the world.

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