Guardians of the Galaxy: A look back at the game’s poignant moments with Darry Purdy (Cinematics Director)

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Over the years, the border between cinema and video games has continued to sharpen. Development teams now include many directors, and the creation of a game involves significant work with the performers. For JV, Darry Purdy, who must have worked closely with the cast of the game Guardians of the Galaxy, came back for us to the design of cutscenes for a conversation. He explains to us how it can sometimes be difficult to capture the essence of the emotions that we want to convey, and how the success of such a challenge is sometimes a miracle, the perfect moment.

The story and narration of the Guardians of the Galaxy have received wide critical acclaim. To achieve such a level of quality, you obviously have to know how to trust the script but also find the right balance between the different emotions that you can feel. Going from laughter to tears is a difficult task, which Darry Purdy particularly likes:

There’s a part of me that loves humor, and it’s funny to turn. But when you dig a little and explore, I think … I prefer when you see sad people expressing their emotions. I’m touched (…).

To illustrate his point, the director of cinematics returns to one of the key moments of the plot developed during the game Guardians of the Galaxy. As said above, if you wish to avoid spoilers we recommend that you do not watch the video and resume viewing once you have started exploring the title of Eidos Montreal. If you have already completed the game, you can continue without any worries.

Guardians of the Galaxy is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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