Halo Infinite: Legendary Live Gaming for the Return of the Master Chief

Xbox One

Last week, Anagund and Panthaa imposed their style during crazy games on the multiplayer of this new opus. Now, it’s time for Carnbee and 87 to tackle the great return of the adventures of John-117. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at this campaign yet, now is the perfect time. On the program, exploration and above all, explosive confrontations! Are we going to honor the Master Chief? Answer in Live Gaming available above!

Just like multiplayer, the Halo Infinite campaign is a real success. The gameplay, as you will be able to see above, is enjoyable and manages to prove that the software from 343 Industries is one of the best FPS of this year 2024. If such an adventure would have benefited from having a more spectacular side and less scriptwriting facilities, we notice that these are only a few very slight faults. There is nothing that drastically taints the great qualities of this new opus.

In addition, to provide an even richer experience, the game gives the player total freedom of action. A first in the license, even if we would have liked to browse a little more varied environments. At any rate, it is already a must for this end of the year and you can find out in detail our reasons for thinking about it at this address.

Halo Infinite and its Multiplayer version have been available since December 8 on PC, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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