Last minute gift idea, this Xiaomi connected bracelet costs only 12 euros!

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When choosing a bracelet or a connected watch, there is always a part of us that wonders if we really need such an object. After all, we already have our smartphone at hand with everything we need to know and more. But it must be recognized that having notifications, tracking your day and time within sight without even having to take your smartphone out of the pocket or bag brings significant comfort.

Released at the end of 2018, the flagship connected bracelet from Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Band 3 has already seen 3 new generations of bracelets arrive behind it since the Mi Smart Band 6 is already available. Suddenly the prices of the old models do nothing but fall and we can find the Mi Smart Band 3 at only 12 euros.

At the base, connected bracelets wanted to stand out from watches by defining themselves essentially as activity trackers. With the time, the alarm clock and as a bonus a control of our heart rate. In short, whether they like it or not, connected bracelets have always been watches with simply the shape of a bracelet …

In short, once put back in their place, connected bracelets are still damn useful. Whether it is for playing sports, or simply to look pretty, there is something for everyone. The Mi Smart Band bracelets from Xiaomi are more likely to be placed on the side of urban or lifestyle bracelets. No integrated GPS but a activity monitoring, objectives, rheart rate and an waterproof up to 50 meters make him an all-terrain companion. The idea of ​​the connected bracelet is to be the relay of your smartphone. Thus, as long as it is within connection range, you will be able to consult and read your notifications.

Very low in energy, and this is a big advantage over watches, it has 20 days of autonomy, enough to let him breathe and appropriate your wrist. Finally, as is the case with all connected watches or bracelets, you have access to monitoring your sleep to better understand your sleep.

Normally available for € 25.99, the Xiaomi Smart Band 3 connected bracelet is on sale for only € 12.49 and delivery is guaranteed before Christmas.

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