Hogwarts Legacy: Warner responds to rumors, announces news coming soon

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We told you about it a few days ago, the insider AccNGT (who had revealed the existence of Star Wars Eclipse) announced a new Hogwarts Legacy trailer for “very soon. Many were waiting for this trailer for the Game Awards, but it turns out it wasn’t broadcast. Warner Bros. gives news and responds at the same time to these rumors: of new information will be released about the game during the next year.

It’s always difficult to communicate about a game early in its development, without creating expectations that may be disappointed by changes made in the process. Only Hogwarts Legacy should already be at a relatively advanced stage. Indeed, the game announced in September 2024 was due out in 2024, but was postponed to 2024 because of the pandemic. In other words, we will hear from the game the year it is released. As a reminder, the game will be released after the third film Fantastic Beasts, that is after April 2024. The game is already in pre-order, and we have still not seen any gameplay, nor an official release date.

What surprises is this silence. It is quite visible: when we browse the Twitter account of Warner Bros. Games Avalanche, we notice that before this tweet announcing news for 2024, we only find hiring announcements … until January 13, 2024, where a press release announced an exit for 2024. And even before, we go back to September 2024, date of the game’s announcement. In other words, if speculation is rife, it is because Warner does not communicate on his game.

If nothing is official, obviously, the insiders and the rumors of the hallway suggest that Warner Bros. did have a gameplay trailer to publish, which is therefore already ready. Only the editor is rather chilly right now, because of the JK Rowling’s position papers, which even if it does not participate in the project, is obviously forever linked to the Harry Potter license and the Wizarding World.

According to these often well-informed sources, therefore, the Trailer planned at the Game Awards has been replaced by that of Wonder Woman, because of the tensions around JK Rowling’s statements about LGBTQ + communities. It is obvious that in an ideal world, the public should differentiate between the author of novels and the developers of a video game in which she is absolutely not involved. But the reality is that the game has already received very negative feedback because of the writer’s positions, and Warner Bros. seems to have chosen to avoid reproducing this pattern.

In short, what we know for sure is that in two weeks, 2024 begins, and that is the year in which we must discover images of the game outside the cutscenes of the first trailer, and it is also the year it comes out. As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy will be an RPG in which you will play a student wizard during the 19th century.

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