Kindle Paperwhite: The world’s most popular e-reader is on sale!


Ten years after its official release, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has reached new record numbers in the e-reader market. Considered the best Amazon e-reader, she continues to sell like hot cakes, especially at the start of the winter sales in 2024.

Presented worldwide at the end of October, the Signature edition of the famous e-reader offers you even more advantages. This compact digital tool is equipped with a 6.8 inch screen and 17 LED lighting. In addition to taking up little space, it allows you to have thousands of digital books on hand thanks to its 32 GB of storage: read what you want, where you want by taking your library with you!

One of its strengths is the ability to adjust the temperature of the light, for a personalized reading experience day or night. Designed specifically to make reading more comfortable, its integrated front design and 300 dpi anti-glare display ensures you read paper-like reading even in bright sunlight. By combining innovative features, this e-reader guarantees perfect ergonomics.

The Signature Edition model brings an exclusivity: the possibility of supplying the battery via induction chargers. In other words: wireless. It is charged via a USB-C input for a more convenient connection than in the previous model.

Amazon also claims that a faster processor has been adopted for this new version, giving more speed to changing pages.

In addition to that, this Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has improved battery life for more reading time: a single charge via USB-C now lasts up to 10 weeks.

The e-reader is waterproof and IXP8 classified: it shows resistance to accidental immersions of up to 60 minutes for a depth of 2 meters in fresh water and up to 3 minutes for 0.25 m in sea water.

With great features at an affordable price, you’ll enjoy everything the Kindle Paperwhite has to offer, in addition to wireless charging, more storage, and adaptive front lighting.

Acquire the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 32 GB sold without ads and competitively priced at € 154 instead of € 189 for sales at Amazon.

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