League of Legends: Riot’s next MOBA champion on the run!


Above you can check out the trailer for Gwen.

Currently, League of Legends allows players to choose from 157 champions. Divided into various roles, with different styles and multiple abilities, they are more or less used depending on the current meta and updates. Since yesterday, players can discover the new season, launched with patch 12.1, arrived as planned in early January. However, if you are playing in ranked, you will have to wait until Friday to start battling.

That being said, players now have gazing at the next character, which has yet to be officially presented by Riot Games. However, a leak, which took place on the UK site of Riot Games, allows you to get a little ahead and discover the next champion, who should be Zeri, the spark of Zaun. The link with the series Arcane is obvious, knowing that the character was teased in the roadmap released in September last.

According to our colleagues at MGG, Zeri will be an AD Carry character, that is to say a champion adept at physical damage, most often done from a distance. As a rule, this type of character needs early game support due to its initial weakness, but becomes very powerful late in the game. We do not yet know his skills, but we can, for the moment, refer to the roadmap:

(It) plays with a machine gun cadence and gives the roster a shooter vibe, (and comes with) more unique basic attack concepts. For this new champion, we wanted to re-explore the role of Basic Offense in a champion marksman’s arsenal, to see if we could completely revolutionize its usefulness.

League of Legends: Riot's next MOBA champion on the run!

As for his story, the leak lets us learn that Zeri has a “unique” relationship with electricity “, that she was born in the slums and that she comes from a working-class family. She also has participated in the fight against the barons of chemistry de Zaun, but failed to turn the situation around. This did not prevent her from being taken as an example, and exercising her powers.

Now she channels her powers into a kind of emotion gun, and wears a jacket capable of containing his power. Unfortunately, the leak did not reveal the character’s release date, but many observers believe it will arrive in the next few weeks with Update 12.2.

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