Leclerc throws huge promos on LEGOs for the last rush before Christmas


As you probably already know, LEGO regularly associates with lots of large licenses to create more or less large collector’s items. Regarding the LEGO sets currently sold at a discounted price, Leclerc is one of the most active merchants today with his LEGO Star Day.

Today only, Leclerc launches its operation on a range of 20 LEGO products which allow to obtain 34% of their price in Ticket Please note, as this article is published early in the morning, it is likely that the star day will not start until later in the morning.

The strength of the Danish brand LEGO is that it has known how to renew itself to attract customers of all ages. Initially seen as a brand of children’s toys, the company has gradually made its way towards an older and more varied audience. This is how the many collaborations with powerful franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars were born.

Fun to assemble during long winter evenings, collector’s decorative objects, gifts for young and old adapted to fans of a lot of popular series … it is surely the versatility of LEGOs that make them such a great classic, again in 2024 .

Among the licenses on the Leclerc commercial site, we find the LEGO Harry Potter with the Magicobus, LEGO Super Mario, Technic, Ninjago, Spider-Man or even Star Wars ! To eat and drink for young and old, and placed at an ideal time, just before Christmas!

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