Scorn: The Xbox Exclusive Announces Its Release Date In An Enigmatic Trailer!


Expected in 2019, 2024 then 2024, it is finally in 2024 that Scorn should see the light of day, exclusively on the Xbox ecosystem (PC / Xbox Series). Inspired by the works of‘Hans Ruedi Giger (Alien), the title is still very mysterious. The monumental, visibly extraterrestrial settings, the gameplay or even the story still question players, who do not know what to expect in terms of horror.

Still, the title, absent from the Game Awards ceremony, very recently unveiled a brand new trailer, in which we see a creature or a statue of human form, placed in a kind of pit surrounded by two female statues with shining belly of a bright red. This once again allows us to see that artistic direction is indeed very close to what we find in the Alien saga, but not to understand what the game wants to offer.

On the other hand, this unpublished video contains important information, since we discover that the title is expected in October 2024. The exact release day remains unknown, but that doesn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of players on Youtube who say they’re very intrigued, aware of how long a game can take to develop, and quite enamored with the artistic direction. One of the comments also points out that the pregnant statues have already been seen, and that their feedback indicates that they will probably have a rather important role in the experience.

Before being a Microsoft exclusive, which means it will integrate the Game Pass as soon as it is released, the title was funded on Kickstarter through a crowdfunding campaign that made it possible to raise € 192,487, while the studio had set a goal of $ 150,000. Until September 2024, the title was scheduled for release at the end of the year, but its postponement was discreetly announced during the announcement of the creation of the editor Kepler Interactive. This new publisher, which has raised $ 120 million, is composed of, and managed by several studios, among which Sloclap (SIFU), A44, Alpha Chanel (Tankhead), from Awaceb (Tchia), and therefore Ebb Software.

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