LoL: Akali, Brand, Elise … the rotation of heroes playable for free this week


Released in 2009 and gained popularity within two to three years, League of Legends is in its twelfth year of existence today. A longevity which allows it to have, in January 2024, a cast of 157 characters. They are to be acquired in exchange for quests (Jayce and Vi as part of the Arcane release) or more traditionally in exchange for a currency: Riot Points (RP), obtainable with real money or in game. Their cost generally depends on their arrival in the Rift: the closer it is, the more expensive the heroes. Fortunately, Riot Game has implemented a rotation system where sixteen champions are available for free. Players can therefore try them out for a week, with no obligation to invest. Here are the champions available during the week of January 11-18:

A rotation that does not answer the big question of players: will Zeri be part of the free rotation next week? LThe champion, presented in detail by Riot last week, is an ADC: a character often destined for the bottom lane, who aims to do damage with a supporting champion.. In this case, Zeri is using his electric power to do great damage. She is particularly focused on mobility, since her passive grants her a movement speed bonus if she has a shield. One thing helped since it is often the prerogative of champions support, the champions who accompany the ADC on the bottom lane.

Will Zeri be available for free upon release? Will she be a strong champion with undeniable advantages during the 12.2 update? Only time will tell, starting January 20 and Zeri’s arrival in the LoL Rift.

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