Mario Kart 64: 8 years later, the race for 32 records is over

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If Mario Kart belongs to the arcade category of the racing game, it adapts just as much to the general public as to the most determined players. Since the birth of the license with Super Mario Kart on SNES in 1993, players have been fighting body and karts to appropriate the record times of each race. And concerning Mario Kart 64, the second opus of the franchise (1996 in Japan), only one man holds 32 time trial records. The latter is a mode dedicated to training where there are no opponents or turbulent objects: it is a face to face between the player and the asphalt.

32 records? But there are only 16 races! So yes. First of all, you should know that the times achieved in time trials are divided into two categories: one concerns times performed without shortcuts, the second with. And it is the first which is the object of the record. In addition, you should know that the races in Mario Kart are divided into three laps: you have to go around the map three times to complete the track. However, this weekend, Dan Burbank had the fastest time AND the fastest lap in each race, clocking a perfect 32/32.

A record race highlighted by Summoning Salt and Abyssoft and summarized by VGC. We have to go back to 2013 to start talking about racing. At that time, Matthias Rustemeyer put himself in the lead to obtain these 32 records and managed to obtain 26 in September of the same year. Stung in pride, part of the community formed a team called The Anti-1000 Alliance and decides to oppose Rustemeyer. For five years, the battle rages on and Rustemeyer comes close to the feat, holding 31 records eight times out of the 32 targeted.

It was also at this time that Dan Burbank, member of the Anti-1,000 alliance, decided to hunt these records individually. He managed to get the holy grail this weekend, live on his Twitch channel, and puts an end to this race which has lasted eight years:

Mario Kart 64: 8 years later, the race for 32 records is over

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