Nintendo Switch: Are online services victims of the console’s success?

Wii U

On December 21, Nintendo alerted the Japanese public. Due to the many Switches that are at risk of being sold, unwrapped, and turned on this Christmas, Nintendo feared that the servers would be overloaded and that new users will not be able to create their account. To avoid the problem, the company recommended to players who are aware of their gift to anticipate and create an account in advance, to only have to link it when configuring the console.

At that time, we were surprised that the manufacturer does not mention the case of the eShop, the online store allowing you to buy or pre-order dematerialized titles, to follow the rankings and best sales, the release calendar or to download demos. Indeed, the store had already been inaccessible last year due to too many people connected simultaneously. Unfortunately for users, and for Nintendo, the eShop servers have once again yielded under the weight of connections, whether on Switch, on 3DS and even on WiiU. Indeed, on December 25 at the end of the day, Nintendo of America published a tweet indicating that problems were in progress on the servers of the eShop.

We are aware that players are experiencing errors while accessing Nintendo eShop and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and please see our (dedicated) page for the latest updates.

The problem has obviously been taken head-on by the maintenance teams since currently the servers are advertised as accessible, with a network operating normally. If you notice problems connecting or downloading purchased content, and your network is not the cause, Nintendo invites you to report the matter. In any case, it seems that the users took the problem with philosophy, evoking the whole as being from now on “a tradition of Christmas”.

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