Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Game As You’ve Never Seen It


Content creator and die-hard franchise fan Spiderman, ItIsSpid mix these two activities by offering videos around the spider-man. Two weeks ago, the Bulgarian YouTuber decides to see what Marvel’s Spider-man game would look like if Insomniac Game had decided to make it in FPS mode, that is, with a camera in first person view. The story of really immersing yourself in the life of Peter Parker (and getting a headache in the process).

ItIsSpid explains that the original concept comes from Legal_Current8414, a Reddit forum user. The idea is to use Marvel’s Spider-man PS5 camera and use each frame to make a movie out of it. A tedious process that does not “not left much room on the console“.

And this approach, ItIsSpidey applied it on Marvel’s Spider-Man and on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In the end, more than 850 photos were used to make this 101 second video.. If he did not specify the days spent on this montage or the hours spent on his camera, there is no doubt that he gave of his time to achieve such a result.

That being said, the final product seems to be appealing and some fans are starting to hope for the same functionality for the upcoming Spider-Man title. Unveiled on September 09 at a PlayStation Showcase, Marvel’s Spider-man 2 did not share much information. Venom will be the great antagonist of this second opus, which is expected in 2024.

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