This very original audio headset benefits from a nice promotion before the sales!

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Fairly unknown among us, Fostex is a Japanese brand specializing in “high end” electronic audio products, understand by that, top of the range. With the Fostex T60RP headphones we go a little off the usual beaten track, no microphone or Bluetooth here, but a high-end wired headset for audiophiles who make music or simply want to enjoy it as much as possible.

The first thing that catches the eye is obviously this particular look made of natural Mahogany wood shells. We could have feared a significant weight with this choice of materials, but with 380 grams on the scale, no problem, it will be forgotten during your long listening sessions.

Normally available at a price of 349 euros, the Fostex T60RP headphones are available at Cdiscount for only 269 euros, i.e. an immediate discount of 80 euros.

Intended for audiophiles or music professionals, the Fostex T60RP headphones are therefore semi-open Hi-Fi headphones and equipped with Planar Magnetic technology. To put it simply, it is a technology highly prized by professionals which makes it possible to go beyond the usual technical limits inherent in traditional dynamic transducers… Here the transducers are much thinner and lighter, while being larger. We warned you, it’s technical!

In addition to its particularly pleasant reception comfort, the semi-open design of the Fostex T60RP headphones allows it to transcribe the sound scene with greater clarity and consistency. It covers a frequency range from 15 Hz to 35,000 Hz, which gives it a more dynamic listening and offers you greater immersion.

While it is usually found on specialized sites around 369 euros, the Fostex T60RP headphones are currently on sale at Cdiscount, in particular for 249 euros.

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