Netflix: the best series released in 2024


It is without a doubt the series that will have convinced us the most in this year 2024. Arcane, the animated series from the League of Legends universe, will have sublimated the lore of the famous MOBA in the best possible way. The work done by Fortiche Production, the French animation studio, is just breathtaking with this touch subtly mixing 2D and 3D. The script is also almost flawless in telling the gripping and touching story of the two sisters Vi and Powder. A total success which opens up a whole field of possibilities for the audiovisual development of the League of Legends universe.

On the theme of religion and faith, this year we find the excellent series Hellbound. Created by Yeon Sang-ho, director of The Last Train to Busan, and taken from his own eponymous webtoon, Hellbound follows several characters as they attempt to deal with creatures that mysteriously appear across the land and brutally kill people. All the victims have one thing in common: their death was announced to them by a ghostly face. A sect led by a charismatic leader begins to glorify the intervention of these creatures, seeing here the work of God punishing sinners. Hellbound is a gloomy series that deals with the absurdity of our time with a certain uninhibited cynicism.

Love, Death + Robots, the anthology series created by Tim Miller and produced by David Fincher, returned in 2024 to push the boundaries of science fiction even further. With 8 episodes instead of 18, this new season loses in quantity to gain in quality. The different short films each shine with the particularity of the animation techniques used as well as their stories, each more original than the next. A show that is truly worth a look, and which will satisfy a large majority of science fiction fans.

2024 has definitely been marked by the advent of Korean audiovisual media. Korean script and visual mastery of the many existing genres often exceeds the level of Western productions which are now bogged down in a certain comfort. More ambitious, Korea has been able to offer us completely crazy productions this year, including My Name. When a mobster is betrayed and murdered, his daughter begins to prepare her revenge in the shadows. After several years of training in a gang, this young woman infiltrates the police to find the person who killed her father. On the program, visceral fights, suspense, and plots twists in shambles. In short, everything we can expect from good entertainment.

Midnight sermons (or Midnight Mass in VO), is definitely the horror series of the year 2024. After The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor which were already frank successes, Mike Flanagan delivers a series of high standing. Midnight Sermons tells the story of a small community of devout Christians on Crockett Island. As Riley returns home to his parents who live on the island, fresh out of prison, he witnesses strange events. At the same time, a mysterious priest takes place within the local church. Midnight Mass seeks to challenge beliefs and plays with the blind faith of these characters. A powerful series that we highly recommend.

We continue with the third season of Sex Education. The British series is now a safe bet in the Netflix catalog which has made us laugh as much as we cry in recent years. In 2024, we were therefore entitled to the return of the craziest high school students in the whole of the United Kingdom. With this season 3, Sex Education treats once again with great accuracy and humor the important themes related to sexuality, and offers entertainment that is as refreshing as ever. The series has obviously been renewed for a fourth season which should hopefully arrive next year.

The audiovisual phenomenon of the year, it is without any possible dispute Squid Game. The Korean series has broken all possible records on the Netflix platform. Better start, more views … Squid Game took on a huge scale shortly after its release. Word of mouth created an enormous mass phenomenon among the spectators who all flocked to the series. The genre of Battle Royale has never been as popular as it is today, and will continue to be talked about since a second season is already in preparation.

After two years of absence, The witcher is finally back on Netflix. Still camped by Henry Cavill, our favorite witcher Geralt of Rivia must this time take care of the young Princess Ciri, in addition to the horde of monsters he usually has to slay. Less chronologically complex than the first season and much more focused on character development, this new batch of episodes affirms Netflix’s deep desire to explore the lore imagined by Andrzej Sapkowski. In addition to this additional season, new programs stamped The Witcher will soon arrive on the platform, including the prequel Blood Origin.

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