Matrix Resurrections: Video games to discover to explore the world of the Wachowski sisters

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The Matrix saga saw the light of day for the first time in 1999. The first film of the sisters (formerly brothers) Wachowski immediately laid the foundations for a world of abundant anticipation, largely questioning society at the time. of Big Data. Mixing dystopian futuristic universe, complex transhumanist plot and Dantesque martial arts fights, The Matrix trilogy is today one of these great cult blockbusters and is in the pantheon of cinematic science fiction. The three films also benefit for the time of incredible special effects which still serve today as references to the big production studios.

This year, Lana Wachowski reopens the doors of the Matrix once again and offers a sequel to the chapter of Neo that we believed to be closing since the last film released in 2003. If Matrix is ​​a legendary work of cinema, the saga has also known some relatively ambitious video game moments. The themes linked to the original works are often close to video games and virtual universes, it is basically quite logical that Matrix is ​​found on our consoles and PC. It is therefore time to come back to these games which have exploited the license with varying degrees of success.

Enter the Matrix

Enter the Matrix, released in 2003, is a particular game among those cited today. Rather than simply adapting one of the episodes of the saga, the action-adventure title developed by Shiny Entertainment offers an original story parallel to the events depicted in Matrix Reloaded, that is to say the second opus. Overseen by the Wachowski sisters themselves, Enter The Matrix follows the adventures of Niobe, captain of the Logos, and his first lieutenant Ghost, who will attempt to prevent the destruction of Zion, the last bastion of humanity. In addition to its script written for the occasion, the title benefits from nearly an hour of video produced by the Wachowski sisters in person. Sold at nearly 5 million copies, Enter The Matrix however struggled to convince the critics of the time.

Enter the Matrix trailer

The Matrix Online

The Wachowski sisters have always paid particular attention to their favorite license. After Enter The Matrix, in 2005 they supervised a new project. This is The Matrix Online, an MMORPG which immediately showed great ambitions and followed on from the first trilogy. Featuring a screenplay written by author Paul Chadwick and validated by the Wachowski sisters, the title of Monolith Productions wanted to embark the players in the heart of the matrix in order to write their own history and take part in the fight against the machines. The software unfortunately suffered from some technical shortcomings and a certain redundancy in its mission objectives. The servers were closed permanently in 2009.

The Matrix Online trailer

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Also in 2005, Matrix experienced a new video game adaptation with The Matrix: Path of Neo. We find Shiny Entertainment in development. The Wachowski sisters sign the script for their part, and once again supervise the production of this title. Path of Neo starts from a good intention by adapting the strong moments of the cinematographic saga. We thus find the great action sequences which made the fame of the Chosen One, the iconic bullet time and the epic kung fu clashes. The game does not go much further, and struggles to renew the interest of players over the course of the adventure.Nevertheless, as a fan, you can still attack the software and enjoy several unpublished sequences produced for the occasion.

The Matrix: Path of Neo trailer

The Matrix Awakens

The latest Matrix-stamped video game iteration is called The Matrix Awakens. Released only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, the software is less a game in its own right than a technical demo ready to show the full extent of the power of Unreal Engine 5. A real visual snap, The Matrix Awakens takes you inside the Matrix for an immersive and interactive express journey. On foot or by car, you can explore the virtual world of the Matrix and face the terrible agents sent by the machines. A rather original experience, which lets us glimpse the video game possibilities of tomorrow.

The Matrix Awakens trailer

The Matrix titles are aimed more particularly at unconditional fans of the saga, especially since they are now starting to date, apart from The Matrix Awakens. If we excuse their fairly generic gameplay, the high quality of these softs balances especially on the side of their writing supervised by the Wachowski sisters. Indeed, they have made it a point of honor that their universe is as coherent as possible. We therefore retain in 2024 The Matrix Awakens which is an extraordinary experience, and the promise of a bright future for video games.… the MMORPG The Matrix Online now resting in peace.

The Matrix Awakens trailer

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