Netflix: After Squid Game, a new Korean series focuses on zombies!


After Kingdom, Squid Game, Hellbound or My Name, Netflix will be released All of Us Are Dead, a Korean series performed by Lee Jae-Kyu (Intimate Strangers, The Fatal Encounter, Beethoven Virus), and written by Chun Sung-il and Kim Nam-soo. Announced a few months ago, the series has just been revealed through a very first teaser. The opportunity also to discover the release date of the series, which will be available on the SVOD platform.

It is therefore January 28 next that subscribers will be able to discover this horrific new creation, centered on the theme of zombies, and composed of 12 episodes. As often, we will find ourselves facing a zombie epidemic caused by the arrival of a new pathogen. This time, the epicenter of the epidemic happens to be a high school, in which the students are trapped. Their goal will therefore be to escape, or stay to fight, even if it means wandering the corridors in search of fresh flesh.

Beyond the pitch, All of Us Are Dead should highlight the tensions that arise between the survivors, the struggle for survival to that for resources through suspicion, paranoia and fear. The series is also a adaptation in real shots of the horrific webtoon baptized Now at our School, created by Joo Dong-Geun. On the casting side, we will find Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Jo Yi-hyun, Lomon, or even Yoo In-soo.

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