Horizon Forbidden West: skill tree, crafting system, machines … The game reveals new assets

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Via a video posted on their Youtube channel, GameInformer brought new information about Horizon: Forbidden West. A highly anticipated game from the start of 2024, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has been watched by two journalists from the American media. And it was in a round table recorded in the form of a podcast that they shared their feelings.

And among the revisited features, it is the improved interface that struck journalists. It seems less loaded than in the first episode, and incorporates additions inspired by other games. By sliding your finger on the touchpad, it is possible to display the various quests in progress and the direction to take: a mechanism borrowed from Sucker Punch and his Ghost of Tsushima. In addition, this less dense interface makes it possible to better appreciate the decorations. One of the journalists said he saw a “more lively, denser world“Taking as an example the number of people sitting drinking mugs and playing cards. Guerrilla Games has probably made efforts in this direction for another aspect of the game: the side quests. Horizon: Forbidden West sees Aloy, the heroine, meeting new protagonists, and is torn between the idea of ​​finishing her main mission and that of helping the individuals she meets in her path. These are the personalities who should be more endearing, with side quests that promise to be more gripping and poignant than before..

In general, the two GameInformer journalists underline many improvements for playing comfort. In addition to the less talkative interface, it is Aloy’s focus scans that have been modified. While it shows which holds Aloy can grab hold of, it also highlights the different parts of enemy machines. However, these will be used for the creation of new tools and take a more important place than in the first episode.. Some tools and weapons can only be crafted in exchange for special components, which will be easy to track down.

In addition, Game Informer indicates that the skill tree has also been redesigned to allow players a greater variety of approaches in combat. It offers six different styles of play (warrior, to trap, hunter, survivor, infiltrator and master machine), in which each tree has 20 to 30 skills (passive and active). These can also be reinforced by the outfits Aloy finds on his way.

Finally, Game Informer explaining that Guerrilla Game did not rest on the laurels of the success of the first episode. Nevertheless, the studio remains cautious and does not want to show too much before the game’s release. Less than two months to wait before the release of Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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