Netflix: the most disappointing series released in 2024


Cowboy Bebop a, as is often the case with Live Action adaptations, widely divided at the time of its announcement. Since then, Netflix has mastered its communication well and delivered a few well-inspired teasers and trailers. Nevertheless, the graphic overflow of these trailers ended up landing in the series, to such an extent that the Live Action becomes almost “cartoon” and loses all the poetic and melancholic aspect of the original work. Closer to Sin City than to the Cowboy Bebop anime, the two versions have only jazz and interstellar flight in common, a bias that will have cost this new series dearly because Netflix has already canceled season 2.

It’s one of the big flops of this year for Netflix, and a big disappointment from our side. Kind of family saga, Jupiter’s Legacy tells of the difficulty of a new generation of superheroes to live up to the previous vigilantes. Sold as the direct competitor to Amazon’s hit series The Boys, Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t contain its cynicism, daring, or action. A show that can be watched, but which remains very average. The series was logically canceled by Netflix.

The first season of Locke & Key provided fantastic, good-natured entertainment. The second season plunges a little more into darkness, and loses a little of the magic that we liked so much in the first episodes at the same time. We regret the teenage fable side as we rush into a more mature and dark show. A certainly divisive choice, which did not fail to disappoint us, but which could nevertheless be suitable for other spectators.

Resident Evil had been able to offer us good entertainment thanks to its animated films Degeneration and Damnation. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Logically should have been part of this continuity, but preferred to opt for an episodic format which loses all its meaning once everything has been viewed. Perhaps overly ambitious, the Infinite Darkness series attempts to build a serious and complex narrative when the saga is diametrically opposed to it. A failure, which we hope to see caught up by the next productions stamped Resident Evil including the Live Action series produced by Netflix.

Let’s be honest, the second season of Snowpiercer is by no means a disaster, but rather a moderate disappointment. If these new episodes still manage to do better than the first season, the series never lives up to the comic book of Jean-Marc Rochette, and even less of the film by Bong-joon Ho. problem with an overly stretched narrative that spans secondary stories, while the heart of the series is too often put aside. A season 3 is already confirmed, we hope that it will be able to correct the situation.

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