OK Google, where can I find this Bluetooth voice speaker on sale?


Like most speakers of its kind, the LG ThinQ WK7 is equipped with a control panel, on which are the characteristic colored LEDs of the Google Assistant. This touchscreen interface is used to pause playback, or to switch between “wi-fi” and “Bluetooth” modes.

The wi-fi configuration therefore allows you to control the device remotely using the “OK Google” command, and to broadcast all your content from streaming platforms compatible with Chromecast (such as Spotify, YouTube or Deezer), from your PC , your tablet or even your smartphone.

In Bluetooth mode, you can connect directly to a compatible device, and broadcast the sound “live”. In fact, a latency time is to be noted, but the latter remains rather correct in most cases. You can also use the speaker’s microphone as a “hands-free kit” during your telephone conversations.

This small size Bluetooth speaker will easily fit into any room in the house. It’s quick to set up, using a simple power cable – the rest is completely wireless.

Voice recognition is compelling, with a multi-directional mic that hears you wherever you are in the room. This smart and connected little speaker does everything we ask of it brilliantly, and could become a must-have accessory in your living room (or other rooms).

Despite its compact size, this LG speaker includes well-made speakers: two 2 cm tweeters and a 9 cm woofer. It is certainly a mono speaker, but the sound it produces is balanced, with a real depth in the bass and very convincing bass for a device of this type. And if you prefer a stereo configuration, it is possible to combine two of these speakers together – and this is where the Fnac -40% promotion becomes all the more interesting!

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