One of the best RPGs of all time hits the boxes on Switch, here’s where to pre-order

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At the end of 2019, Disco Elysium was released on PC. A unique game of its kind, which has managed to shake up RPG codes. In the shoes of a cop with amnesia following a too intense drinking bout, you will have to solve a sordid murder case while setting off to discover your identity and your past. Disco Elysium has immense qualities: the first is that it is simply brilliantly written. The majority of the action takes place in the text, but the reading is never tedious and the whole is particularly breathless. The universe depicted is also very original, moving away from the age-old fantasy or futuristic worlds.

The Nintendo Switch version of Disco Elysium corresponds to the “Final Cut” released on PC and we therefore benefit from a full French translation of the text, but also an excellent English dubbing and some additional quests. The whole offers a very good lifespan of at least 50 hours, and we will be happy to restart a game for, as the game leaves a great freedom of action to the player.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is now available for pre-order on Switch. This boxed version also offers a poster and a digital artbook of 190 pages.

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Disco Elysium on Switch manages to keep intact the pleasure of the original game, since we enjoy excellent readability of the text and the interface, even in portable mode. The grip on the controller is also well thought out and no point of friction taints the experience. The only downsides to the table: a stable framerate, but which will struggle to exceed 30 FPS and long loading times between each zone. But if not, if you like (very good) reading and universes as original as they are dense, you can go for it: you will surely live one of your most beautiful role-playing experiences.

To learn more about Disco Elysium, you can check out the full review on it.

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