Overview of the latest Genshin Impact update for this Gaming Live!

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Is it still necessary to present Genshin Impact? The title of miHoYo had the effect of a tidal wave when it was released in 2024. Whether we like it or not, the gacha has been widely talked about since its launch and still continues to regularly feed the video game news. After a first year of service rich in content, miHoYo continues to add new elements to its flagship title.. New characters, new quests, new dungeons, monsters and continents … Genshin Impact today offers a gargantuan adventure in a fantastic and gigantic world.

This Live Gaming is an opportunity for us to show you the latest Genshin Impact update: 2.4, entitled Ephemeral Colors in Flight. In addition to bringing a ton of content, as often with its predecessors, this new update contains two new characters: Shenhe and Yun jin. The first is a 5-star Cryo-type fighter, who wields a polearm and can greatly increase the damage of characters who share the same type as her. For her part, Yun Jin is a Geo-type support opera singer who offers additional damage to her team depending on her defense. In today’s Gaming Live, we will mainly introduce you to the specifics of Shenhe, the best character of this update.. In addition, Ephemeral Colors in Flight provides access to a new area: the Hidden Islands of Enkanomiya, a frigid region below Watatsumi Island. To access it, you must first meet several prerequisites and reach level 30. The new areas of Inazuma reserve some tough challenges that we will try to present to you during our house session.

See you at 12:30 p.m. to see us in action and get a great preview of this brand new content. As a reminder, Gaming Live is a weekly meeting. In this year 2024, we will therefore offer you every Friday to accompany us around a game of the moment. See you very soon for new video game adventures!

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