Sales: the Logitech G635 gaming headset loses 40% of its price!


Explosions, a spectacular boss, orchestral music, video games offer very rich sound environments and headphones have become, for many, the essential accessory for a successful immersion. Alone and with others online, it is more than advisable to own such a device to take advantage of ever more sophisticated sound design and to coordinate its actions. The Logitech G635 provides access to quality sound without risking a call from your banker. Mid-range helmet, it has an excellent quality / price ratio to transcribe the atmosphere of a game or a movie. Small tour of the owner

For the winter sales, Darty offers a reduction of 60 euros on its mid-range G635 helmet! Normally offered at the price of 149 euros, it is currently on promotion at the price of 89 euros.

If there is a brand whose experience is well established, it is Logitech. With an extremely well-stocked product catalog, the manufacturer – which has just celebrated its fortieth anniversary – offers with the G635 a headset suitable for long gaming sessions. Although it is wired, it is embellished with features that fully meet the expectations of the modern gamer.

To accurately transcribe the sound, the G635 is made up of 50mm Pro-G transducers that allow the player to better anticipate the reactions of his opponents. Particularly at home in action games, sports or even racing, the headphones also do very well for watching a movie or listening to music.

Modern headphones require, it supports 7.1 surround sound thanks to DTS Headphone: X: 2.0 sound and offers quality spatial reproduction. In this way, the surrounding sounds are better rendered and literally envelop the player in his world. Fully customizable (it emits light, you can choose the color and its associated effect), the G635 has configurable buttons to manage the bases, the treble or even the advanced equalizer to adapt it to use in streaming. In terms of comfort, the helmet takes the common lines of its comrades of the same brand, with a faux-leather band which reduces the pressure exerted on the ears. And of course, it is compatible with the G HUB software for optimal use. The mic, on the other hand, features an improved stem for clear and precise communications. What to enjoy a quality headset for a reasonable price and compatible with all media of the moment (PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC …).

Normally available at a price of 149 euros, the Logitech G635 gaming headset, multi-media and 7.1 surround sound, is currently on sale for only 89 euros at Darty.

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