Sale on the Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse: low price, big performance


This gaming mouse offers real comfort of use: its format is the ideal size for all types of players, whether you prefer to put your palm on it or grasp it with your fingertips. The mouse follows the shape of the hand. With a weight of 82 grams, it is lighter than previous versions of the DeathAdder, so it is even more manageable. PTFE pads optimize glide.

The buttons, optical switches with an infrared beam, guaranteed for 70 million clicks, ensure exemplary responsiveness with a response time of 0.2 milliseconds and an ultra-fast and satisfying feeling. Your video games obey you and the finger and the eye (but especially the finger, all the same).

The USB-A type cable is equipped with Speedflex coating and is flexible and solid, allowing you to move quickly and precisely without losing control or compromising the strength of the cable. Enough to ensure your mouse a long life!

Inside, the Focus+ optical sensor features 20,000 DPI and 99.6% resolution accuracy: top-of-the-line performance that puts you in full control of your game, for consistently great headshots.

You can count on the Synapse 3 software made in Razer to configure the mouse as you wish, with a total of 8 customizable buttons, and the possibility of pre-saving different parameter profiles. You can then switch from one set of parameters to another, directly by clicking on a dedicated button. Ideal for creating a configuration for yourself by type of game — or for different users. Finally, note the presence of RGB zones whose color can be customized, at the level of the logo, the wheel and the back.

And if you are not yet convinced by this gaming mouse, here is what we said about it in our test in August 2024: “A true quiet force, the Deathadder V2 easily takes over from its elder with 20K sensors and memorizable profiles, and comes to reign over the land of efficient gaming mice that do not overdo it. Some may find the whole thing a little dull in a world where gaming peripherals compete with RGB shots, but players who love minimalism and sobriety will be in heaven. »

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