Netflix: The animated series Cuphead reveals its magnificent retro style and finds a release date


The last time we got a glimpse of The Cuphead Show, it was during the Netflix Geeked Week, in June. We then had the right to a sequence featuring King Dice, but since then it has been dead calm. Finally, it is on this Tuesday, January 18 that the production decides to come out of the silence and to reveal a trailer and a release date! Meanwhile, the studio is still working on The Delicious Last Course DLC for Cuphead, which is slated for release on June 30.

Mugman and Cuphead will therefore be back February 18 on Netflix, in a series featuring 12 episodes of 12 minutes each. An ideal duration for fans of the game and the universe, who will therefore be able to watch the entire season in a short afternoon. The two brothers will explore the Inkwell Islands looking for adventure, and they will find it.

On the side of the French cast, fans of dubbing will have no trouble recognizing behind which characters are hiding Christopher Lemoine (Cartman in South Park), Alexis Tomassian (JD in Scrubs), Dorothee Pousseo (Erica Sinclair in Stranger Things) or Philippe Peythieu (Loccobarocco in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean).

As for the trailer, it is obviously colorful, and allows us to glimpse new snippets, as well as several of the bosses found in the original game. Fans will also point out the presence of Miss Chalice, who will join the two friends in The Delicious Last Course next June. In the meantime, it is possible to consult the official website, which has some surprises in store for future viewers.

Indeed, by going to the dedicated page, there is a countdown and a mini-game in the form of animated sequences. We are asked to go save the souls rounded up by the Devil. Six chapters of this mini-game are planned before the release, and some rewards are up for grabs.

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