Sale: Say goodbye to your headaches with these revolutionary glasses!


20 € discount to obtain anti-blue light glasses, you can’t refuse. As indicated in the heading of this article, we do not have the same resistance in front of the screens and it is not uncommon that at the end of the day, the eyes start to twist a little when it is not downright a good big headache that sets in. But don’t panic, the French company Horus X has thought of everything!

Whether you’re in the office or on a series in several episodes, the new century gives pride of place to screens and it’s never good to cash in on all the lights that these devices project. Whether it’s a television, a smartphone or simply a computer screen, we spend hours in front of the blue lights that can enamel ocular health (and not only).

Horus X has identified this problem and embarked on a saving activity for all those who suffer the aftereffects of these hours spent in front of the screens. Located in the Ardèche, the French company indeed offers ultra-protective glasses. Composed of resistant materials and some of the most powerful filters on the market, they have revolutionized the daily life of many players and workers. So why not you ?

For less than fifty euros, this Horus X pack brings together two pairs of glasses – one suitable for work, the other for gaming with yellow/orange lenses. You can enjoy your screens while being protected thanks to the anti-UV 400 and anti-reflective treatment of these glasses. A perfect accessory to reassure some parents!

Normally available at a price of 69 euros, the Horus X glasses pack is currently on sale at 49 euros at Amazon.

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