Sale: the legendary Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse at a knockdown price!


The Swiss brand Logitech can boast of having in all its accessories for PC, the most sold mouse in the world. After all, the brand’s expertise really needs to be done.

Originally released in 2014 under the little name of G502 Proteus Core, the G502 has managed to stay a benchmark in the market through improved versions. Many gamers own this extremely easy-to-use mouse that adjusts to the weight of its user.

If you need a mouse to boost your comfort during your gaming sessions, then the G502 HERO will be perfect for you. Usually sold at 89 €, Amazon offers it to us at a super interesting price of 39 € during the sales.

The G502 HERO mouse is truly one of a kind as it comes with five weights of 3.6g each, which you can use to create the perfect weight balance, depending on your preferences.

With its wired connection and optical sensor, the G502 HERO 25K is extremely precise since it can go up to 25,600 dpi, a real plus for your games. We will also find eleven fully programmable buttons, through the G Hub software, totally adapting to your playing style.

The mouse from Logitech also has a 16.8 million color LightSync RGB backlighting the setting of which will also pass through the software mentioned above and which can synchronize with your other Logitech equipment if you have any.

We can therefore only recommend the Logitech G502 HERO 25K mouse, which for only € 39 on Amazon instead of its initial € 89, benefits from a really great price.

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