Sales: blue light blocking glasses are at a knockdown price!


Blue light is part of the visible spectrum (that is to say, schematically, all the light rays visible by our eye) which is naturally present in sunlight. It is therefore not harmful to humans as such.

On the other hand, excessive exposure to blue light can have consequences for our health. In the short term, the symptoms can range from visual fatigue to migraines, including dry eyes. In the long run, blue light increases the risk of AMD, age-related macular degeneration.

Because it is present in many artificial lights, and in particular in most of the screens we use daily (PCs, smartphones, etc.), we are all overexposed to blue light, and therefore to these various risks. And insofar as we cannot always afford to reduce our screen consumption, the use of glasses equipped with anti-blue light filters, such as the Gaming & Casual Horus X pack, can prove to be an excellent compromise.

The Horus X Gaming & Casual pack includes two pairs of glasses: a Gaming model, with a more pronounced anti-blue light filter, tending towards yellow and intended for prolonged screen use; and a Casual model with a lighter filter, ideal for everyday use, especially at work.

The lenses of the Gaming glasses incorporate a filter of 100% of blue light at 400 nm, while the Casual model filters more than 50% of blue light between 380 and 450 nm. Alone, or in addition to a software filter (available on more and more screens and operating systems), these glasses reduce fatigue and headaches during particularly intensive gaming or work sessions.

Light and discreet, these glasses are comfortable to wear for prolonged use. They are also optimized for wearing headphones, thanks to very thin temples. They therefore fit perfectly into your daily life.

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