Sales: Boost your PS5 with this ultra-powerful 1TB NVMe SSD!


To play quietly on console or PC, good storage is essential. With this offer from Amazon on the Western_Digital Black SN850, we have plenty to do for a while, all while having a quality product that will stand the test of time. The 1TB version, which we recommend here, is at €225.98 instead of €299.99, a nice reduction of 25%. The 500 GB version is also available, but with a lower reduction of 13%, going from €169.99 to €148.59.

If you’re not used to the console and PC storage market, know that there are a lot of offers, but they are clearly not all equal. Here, we have access to NVMe SSD, a technology that has two major advantages: they are ultra compact and very fast. It is therefore the ideal choice to improve your PC or PS5 storage space. Moreover, to be compatible with the Playstation console, it is imperative that the NVMe SSD is equipped with a heatsink (heat sink in French) and this is the basic case for this one so no need for it. buy one more!

This M.2 2280 model takes advantage of 4th generation PCIe technology and offers you the mind-blowing speed of 7000 MB/s in reading and 5300 MB/s in writing. We are clearly on the high end here. Their manufacturer, Western Digital, is well known for its efficiency and the quality of its devices.

When it was released, it was clearly one of the fastest on the market and seeing it on sale today allows a greater number of consumers to access it. With it, the loading times of your games will become almost anecdotal on the vast majority of titles. Enough to make your gaming sessions even more enjoyable!

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