Sales: The excellent Corsair K100 keyboard reaches an unprecedented promotional price!


It is a reference in the world of gaming! The Corsair K100 keyboard, which replaces the K95, is on sale for the winter sales. When it was released, you had to pay €250 to get this little gem. Welcomed like a rockstar by our hardware specialist, it has long turned heads with its chic design, brushed aluminum top and unique comfort. But that was before ! It goes below the 200 € mark for the 2024 winter sales and it is at a price never seen before!

If you are looking for an ultra-complete mechanical keyboard, the Corsair K100 is the one for you. Acclaimed by critics, it immediately seduced with its neat configuration, its macro keys, its sober lighting and its great comfort. With such a product, you are sure to make a long-term investment!

Designed to last and resist all attacks (because it is well known that gamers are not always tender, especially when they eat in front of the screen), the Corsair K100 is equipped with Cherry MX Speed ​​switches which make its typing fabulous . For purists, we are talking about an actuation distance of 1.2 mm and a blowback of 45 g. To put it simply, it’s the best! Added to this is a high quality wrist rest and a great design. You can be sure that the object will blend into your set-up!

Gaming-wise, the Corsair K100 is obviously flawless. The user can count on special media keys, macros, shortcuts or even keys dedicated to gaming (these are rougher with ABS to undergo greater pressure). There are even special MOBA/FPS keys for a tailored experience. To program all these little people, Corsair’s iCue software is integrated and is also very complete and intuitive.

In short, as you will have understood, this Corsair K100 has absolutely everything to please! Complete, ergonomic, pleasant to the touch and to use, this mechanical keyboard is a gem and it is certainly not our hardware specialist who will contradict us.

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There is nothing wrong with this keyboard which, beyond the luxury item it represents with its prohibitive price, shines at all levels. Typing comfort, finish, functions and management, without being surprising, the K100 RGB manages to be exceptional everywhere, with fast and responsive opto-mechanical keys. If you have that budget for a gaming keyboard, you should appreciate it a lot. But is it really reasonable?

Normally available at a price of 249 euros, the Corsair K100 mechanical keyboard is currently on sale at 186 euros at Amazon.

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