Sales: These Sony Bluetooth headphones with noise reduction are at a knockdown price!


The sales are always the times when you can treat yourself by buying this product that you would like to have for a long time, but that you always hesitate to take because of its price. Among them, active noise canceling headphones are on the list because of their quite high price. On the other hand, for the sales, it’s something else entirely and this Sony WH-CH710N at 79 € instead of 150 € (almost 50% less) suddenly becomes much more attractive for all budgets!

Active noise reduction. This extraordinary concept that allows you to listen to your music quietly anywhere without distraction. With this kind of product, you really control what you want to hear and it feels great! Yes, you heard right, you are in control. So if you want to isolate yourself from the world on the plane or the subway, you can. If you prefer to suppress office chatter or city noises, but still hear your neighbor talking to you, you can.

So yes. It’s an entry-level helmet, so don’t expect the must-have. But for this price, it’s nickel! If you have the means to buy the top of the range in this type of product, either you have already had this Sony WH-CH710N or you have not come to see this ad because you already have much better.

The dual-sensor noise detection system works well, but that’s not the only advantage of this stylish and elegant headset. It is compatible with your voice assistants and is very easy to use in all its features. We have just what we need for a small price and that’s a pleasure. But what really sets it apart from the competition is its autonomy, which is 35 hours, which places it directly among the most enduring of its range!

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