Sales: This home automation pack will be perfect to start connecting your home!


To start in home automation, you can often be lost in front of the large number of products available. Is it really enough to take a connected speaker if you don’t have any device that works with it? On the other hand, taking connected devices like Philips Hue bulbs does not allow you to take advantage of them to their full potential without the speaker that goes with them. At Boulanger, we save you the trouble by offering you a pack during these sales at only €109.99 instead of €199.99 !

With these devices, creating an original and quality lighting atmosphere in your home has never been easier. With their E27 fixing, they will match most of your lamps and light fixtures. The Hue Bridge that is included in this offer is the ideal accessory to control your connected bulbs. It will also allow you to manage up to 50 bulbs throughout the house very easily thanks to voice assistants! If you want to complete your setup, you can take advantage of this pack of 3 additional bulbs at Amazon

In a way, it’s the brain of your Philips Hue connected lighting system and it will unlock all of its features. Once connected and configured via the internet, it will also work independently. The application on your phone will also be independent of the internet and you can continue to control your lamps even if your connection fails.

We no longer really present the Echo Dot from Amazon as it is known and recognized for its effectiveness. The small connected speaker is equipped with the voice assistant Alexa which will help you in all your daily tasks. Playing music, changing the lighting mood, giving you the time, the weather, monitoring the state of the traffic or creating a list has never been easier.

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