Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Dark Souls-like is illustrated in video with classes with nervous combos

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The header video is a Five Things To Know, posted on JV on June 21, 2024.

Announced at the Square Enix E3 conference, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was not particularly convincing. This is due to a technique beyond the other episodes of the series, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy XV. But the release date of the game, developed by Team Ninja (Nioh) and Koei Tecmo (Hyrule Warriors), is getting closer: this leaves the opportunity for teams to refine the title, as evidenced by the various videos posted by the official page of the game. on Twitter.

Among them are a 45-second edited sequence, where the gameplay of four classes is highlighted: pugilist, duelist, marauder and swordsman but also other classes.

These video sequences are from a livestream of December 15, organized by Square Enix to promote its game. Often considered a distant cousin of the Souls series for its dark atmosphere and for the difficulty of the fights, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin nevertheless seems much more nervous than the games from the From Software saga. A finding justified by the gameplay of the title, which orbits the different classes of the game and how the player will build his character around. Note, it will be possible to change class in the middle of a fight to optimize your sequences:

Besides the gameplay, it is also the story that was discussed. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is connected to the very first episode of the saga and share the same antagonist: Garland. The upcoming game will therefore tell the story behind this hero turned villain. A choice justified by Jin Fujiwara, producer at Square Enix:

I believe that a good antagonist must have a specific reason for his transformation, which is a clear explanation of why he sang. I thought that digging into that aspect there for Garland could be interesting.

And if the editor goes into more detail on the connections between Final Fantasy first name and Stranger of Paradise on the PlayStation Blog, we will have to wait until March 18, 2024 and the release of the game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One to learn more about Garland and his past.

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