Dead Cells: Huge Crossover Makes Indie Gaming Giants Playable!

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In an article posted to Steam and via a video posted to its Youtube channel, Motion Twin showcased the unreleased content coming to Dead Cells. The 26th update, available since yesterday, is called Everyone is Here and features a few celebrities.

If Dead Cells has become very popular in the genre of metroidvania and that of roguelite, it is not the only one to have done well in this area. Via update Everyone is Here (Where Everyone is present), Motion Twin pays homage to similar independent games which also marked their time by integrating their main characters. The Knight ” from Hollow Knight, The Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, the Penitent from Blasphemous, Juan de Guacamelee, Skul from the eponymous game or the protagonist of Curse of the Dead Gods.

This kind of crossover giant of metroidvania / roguelite is reflected by the presence of the outfits of the heroes mentioned above, but also by that of their weapons. The former are unlocked after solving puzzles, while the latter are collected in rooms that appear to have “been transported in other dimensions“.

If the French of Motion Twin sell this update (free!) As a Christmas present, they also integrated other things in this patch 26.0. It is on their site that the developers went into more detail, and we note several things. Balancing has been made, while a system of log is now present: it allows you to transcribe on a notepad what happens in the game, allowing developers to better understand the malfunctions of the game. modding (which allows players to bring variations to Dead Cells) has been improved, while many bugs have been fixed.

This update 26.0 is already available on PC, and will arrive in the coming weeks on Mac and consoles. In the meantime, players can still practice in the training room which is available since update 25.0 or try out the excellent and essential DLC Fatal Fall. The latter has been playable since last January.

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