The Batman: The Dark Knight and Catwoman join forces to restore justice in new trailer


At the very beginning of November, The Batman lifted the veil on its synopsis, allowing us to better understand the outlines of its main plot. In view of the various extracts published to date, We quickly understood that this new adaptation of the Dark Knight was going to be one of the darkest and this is not the color palette that we find on all of the shared visuals to this day who will contradict us!

For the occasion, Robert Pattinson gave his all to deliver an unforgettable performance : his colleagues on the sets agree to say it as the inspiration of Matt Reeves for the character of Bruce Wayne seems to have paid off ! Dark and tortured, of course, but well and truly determined to protect gotham city : this is good, because he will not be alone!

Without warning, an original trailer has just been released to promote the release of The Batman, on March 2 in theaters. Not really used to the Christmas atmosphere, The Dark Knight preferred to wait until the end of this first round of festivities to plunge us back into its dark and dramatic atmosphere.

Gotham City is undergoing successive attacks from the city’s many thugs – we have already seen Colin Farrell’s Penguin fleeing by car – and this dear Bruce Wayne intends to restore justice. Moreover, the Dark Knight will not be alone since Catwoman is as thirsty for revenge and justice as this good old billionaire vigilante.

Our two heroes will not be too two because the Mystery Man seems to compete in ingenuity to make our duo go crazy. The alliance between the cat and the bat may seem unlikely but it seems that they are the only ones able to restore order to Gotham. As the character of Selina Kyle, played by Zoë Kravitz, tells Bruce Wayne: “ If we don’t get up, no one will …

Between tumultuous relations and a common desire for revenge and justice, our two friends are likely to offer us a good dose of action as evidenced by this new extract. But will they be able to thwart the plans of the Mystery Man? Answer on March 2 in theaters!

The Batman: The Dark Knight and Catwoman join forces to restore justice in new trailer

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