Why buy an Apple Watch when the premium Huawei Watch 3 connected watch is on sale at this price?


As we have just said, Apple, although a leader, is far from alone in the connected watch market. A bit like with smartphones, there is always the great rival Samsung which puts pressure on the Apple brand, but the more connoisseurs know that certain Chinese giants are offering small technological nuggets with pretty crazy value for money.

Among these giants, you surely know Xiaomi and especially Huawei, which very recently released a high-end connected watch, the Huawei Watch 3. Finishes, technologies used, price … Huawei has real arguments to convince any user from Android.

Released very recently at 369.99 €, the Huawei Watch 3 is already enjoying a big reduction on Amazon: -100 €. It therefore goes to € 269.99, an excellent price given the characteristics of the machine.

Some tech products don’t even need to be used to understand their quality. It suffices to contemplate the design of the Watch 3, possibly to hold it in your hands, to come to the obvious: everything exudes premium. We are far from a small bracelet that is a little gadget only useful for sport (even if the Watch 3 is excellent at the level of activity tracking).

Since we are on the design part, let us specify that the screen almost edge to edge of this smartwatch is a circle of 1.43 inches. It’s a bit big, which is handy (as a 45mm Apple Watch can be) but it might not be right for you if you have a very thin wrist.

Why buy an Apple Watch when the premium Huawei Watch 3 connected watch is on sale at this price?

Let’s stay on the screen, note that this is an OLED panel (high-end requires) particularly bright: 557 cd / m2. A good performance that allows you to not suffer from any discomfort when consulting your watch, even from a little distance and in direct sunlight. Note now that the HarmonyOS interface is particularly beautiful and ergonomic.

The Watch 3 has a powerful processor that makes the use of the watch very fluid. However, the battery is bluffing: 3 or even 4 days of autonomy with normal use (2 days only by activating the “always on” mode and up to 14 days by activating the energy saving mode). On this, it crushes the competition. To recharge the machine, nothing could be simpler, any conventional induction charger with the Qi standard does the trick. Ironically, even an Apple MagSafe does the job.

Who says high-end connected watch necessarily says shielded sensors. The Huawei Watch 3 does not have to be ashamed of its competition: it can measure your heart rate constantly, analyze the oxygen level in your blood, monitor your sleep, tell you if you have washed your hands properly, call help in the event of a bad fall and, this is a novelty, measuring the temperature of your skin.

Finally, note that the Watch 3 has an eSIM on board. You can therefore connect it to your operator and leave your home without a smartphone. The watch will serve as a GPS, a credit card with the NFC chip, but also a phone. Even remotely, it can connect to the mobile network and 4G to receive all your messages and make your calls.

At 369 €, the price is quite high, but justified when you know the state of the market. For 269 €, it’s a real bargain, and a nice Christmas present in perspective!

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