The best Android TV box, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, is on sale this holiday season


If Amazon is largely the leader in the TV box market with all its different models of affordable and very functional Fire TVs, there are nevertheless even more efficient alternatives such as for example the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro which can easily be considered as the best. all.

Like 95% of TV boxes, this one runs on Android TV, in its version 9.0 Pie since the machine dates from 2019, but it is regularly kept up to date by NVIDIA which recently hinted that its box would go under Android 11 from here a few weeks and maybe even January depending on the latest echoes.

Normally offered at a fairly high price of € 219, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro box is currently available on Amazon at a price of € 173.99, i.e. a nice reduction of € 40.

Like the latest Fire TV 4K Max, the Shield TV Pro is compatible with all the latest viewing standards, namely 4K, HDR10, 10+, Dolby Vision, but also listening with Dolby Audio or the very popular Dolby Atmos. On the other hand in terms of power and fluidity there is nothing to see and we are then closer to an Apple TV 4K and its A12 chip since here the Shield TV Pro is equipped with a Tegra X1 SoC, very close to that found in particular in the Nintendo Switch.

This powerful processor, coupled with 3 GB of RAM, offers foolproof fluidity, a big black point of Amazon models, especially the less expensive. The other advantage of this processor is its ease in games. Thus, it will be possible to play all the games in the Android catalog directly on your TV. In addition you can use any controller on the market, including the PS5 and Xbox Series. Obviously the box is also compatible with the Geforce Now service which allows you to benefit from the computing power of a real RTX 3080 type graphics card to play the very latest PC games directly on your TV there too.

The advantage of such a TV box, even when you are equipped with a connected TV, is to have a single device where all our favorite applications are available, regularly updated and offering compatibility with all the latest standards in force.

Normally sold around € 219, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Android box is currently on sale for € 173.99 on Amazon.

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