The Flash: Ben Affleck’s Batman in top form in Andy Muschietti’s movie?


This year, several Batman should appear on the screen. In March, Robert Pattinson will make his debut as Gotham City vigilante in the highly anticipated Matt Reeves film. But in The Flash, we will find two other interpretations of the Dark Knight.

Indeed, the spectators will be able to find the Batman of Ben affleck, first appeared in 2016 in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but not only. They should also find the Batman of Mickael Keaton, whose adventures could be followed in the cinema almost 33 years ago, in 1989. You will understand, the multiverse will be there, and two Batman should come face to face, while Robert Pattinson’s version has every chance of inaugurating a new series of films. Recently interviewed by The Herald Sun, Ben Affleck has spoken about his comeback in the Batman costume and its importance in the movie The Flash by Andy Muschietti. According to him, the scenes he shot for the feature film are awesome, and sincerely hope that they will all be kept in the final cut:

Maybe my favorite scenes in terms of Batman and how I interpreted it, are in The Flash… I hope they keep all of what we did. Because I think it’s great and really interesting, different, but not in a weird way. Who knows ? Maybe they’ll decide it doesn’t work, but when I went to shoot them it was really fun, really satisfying, encouraging and I was like, “Wow, I think I finally got it”.

A way of saying that he has finally, according to him, found a way to be satisfied with his performance ? In any case, the film is the center of all the attentions these last days, because many rumors indicate that the movie could be used to reshape the DC Extended Universe, in particular by excluding from the chonology a certain number of films, including those of Zack Snyder, or by definitively closing their narrative arcs in order to move on to something else. If nothing disrupts the plans, The Flash is scheduled for release in France on November 2, 2024.

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