Genshin Impact, Gorou: should it be summoned? Analysis and guide

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New character presented a few weeks ago by MiHoYo at the same time as Itto, Gorou is a 4 star Geo character which can be very interesting if you like this element. So just before taking advantage of the first gems offered by MiHoYo, let’s see what the character gives, and if he deserves to be summoned.

Genshin Impact, Gorou: should it be summoned?  Analysis and guide


General of Watatsumi’s army, Gorou is a brave and loyal Watatsumi. He has an innate animal fighting instinct and an iron will.

Gorou Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact, Gorou: should it be summoned?  Analysis and guide

Here is the list of materials needed to raise Gorou at level 90:

Materials Where to find them?
1x Shard of prithiva topaz On the boss “Geo Hypostasis” and the “Ancient Geosaur”
9x Prithiva Topaz Fragment On the boss “Geo Hypostasis” and the “Ancient Geosaur”
9x Piece of Prithiva Topaz On the boss “Geo Hypostasis” and the “Ancient Geosaur”
6x Prithiva Topaz Stone On the boss “Geo Hypostasis” and the “Ancient Geosaur”
18x Spectral Shell On spectra
30x Spectral Heart On spectra
36x Spectral Core On spectra
168x Coral beads On Watatsumi Island
46x Perpetual Heart On the boss “Perpetual Mechanical Matrix”
420,000 Moras x

Talent Upgrade Materials for Gorou

Here are the materials necessary to pass your 3 skills level 10 (Note that in very few cases, a character needs to be level 10 on his 3 skills).

Materials Where to find them?
9x Teaching of Light Inazuma Dungeon
63x Guide of Light Inazuma Dungeon
114x Philosophy of Light Inazuma Dungeon
18x Spectral Shell On spectra
66x Spectral Heart On spectra
93x Spectral Core On spectra
18x Molten Moment Loot on boss Signora
3x Crown of Wisdom Various events
4,950,000 Moras x


Genshin Impact, Gorou: should it be summoned?  Analysis and guide

Integral Defense of Inuzaka

Inflicts DGT Geo area and erect a general’s banner
General’s Banner – Grants the following effects to characters deployed in the area of ​​effect depending on the number of characters of typeGeo in the team at the time of use:

Gorou can only generate one General Banner at a time, and characters can only benefit from the effects of one General Banner at a time. When the character leaves the area, the effects continue for 2 sec.

Beastly Fangs: Towards Victory

Displaying his bravery as a general, Gorou inflicts DGT Geo area and creates a field of general prestige to embolden his companions. General Prestige – The following characteristics apply:

Passive talents

Sniffer dog

Displays the location of Inazuma’s products on the minimap.

Nonchalance of wind and rain

For 12 seconds after Beastly Fangs: Towards Victory, the DEF of all nearby team characters increases by 25%.

Favor Rendered

Gorou’s following attacks increase in DGT based on his DEF:


Canine vivacity: Wind speed

When a character deployed (other than Gorou) in the area of ​​effect of the general banner or from the field of general prestige created by Gorou inflicts Geo DGT on an enemy, the ToR of Integral Defense of Inuzaka de Gorou decreases by 2 s. This effect can be triggered once every 10 sec.

Canine rest: Aplomb of time

When a character deployed nearby obtains an Elemental Fragment generated by a Crystallization reaction while a general prestige is active, the duration of Gorou’s General Prestige increases by 1 sec. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s, and its duration can be extended by up to 3s in this way.

Canine Claw: Fire Frenzy

Skill level Integral Defense of Inuzaka +3. Max level: 15

Canine licking: Goodness of the water

When the general prestige is in a state of Impregnation or Smash, it also restores the HP of the character deployed in the area of ​​effect every 1.5s by a value equivalent to 50% of Gorou’s DEF

Canine Strike: Thunder Elk

Skill level Beastly Fangs: Towards Victory +3. Max level: 15

Canine Valor: Loyalty of the earth

For 12 s after Integral Defense of Inuzaka Where Beastly Fangs: Towards Victory, DGT CRIT of DGT Geo of all nearby team characters increase based on the level of the field when using the skill

Gorou equipment and statistics

Genshin Impact, Gorou: should it be summoned?  Analysis and guide

One of the sets that works well for him is the one released in version 2.3 of the game, namely the set of Shell of Opulent Dreams. The DEF bonus on the latter coupled with obtaining a second def + Geo damage bonus is perfect for him.

If you intend to play it in a much more “support” way, a ancient royal ritual set may be ideal.

On the weapons side, Hunting Bow of Favonius 4 star is ideal, as it will help make particles and thus have its ultimate ability available more often. The Ritual Bow is also a good choice, to reset the cooldown of his ability.

For its statistics, here are the main ones to have ideally on the Hourglass, the Cup and the Helmet:

Piece of equipment Main statistic
hourglass Energy recharge, DEF%
Chopped off Geo damage
Helmet Crit rate / crit damage

Your priorities for stats in general are Energy Recharge (170% ideally total),% Crit, and% DEF.

Should we summon Gorou?

Genshin Impact, Gorou: should we summon it?  Analysis and guide

We must already understand what character Gorou is. He is played mainly as a support, or a sub-dps, namely a character who does damage, but which does not replace a “real” dps. Unlike a Bennett (without its 6th constellation), it cannot be placed in any composition, because its strength is mainly to buffer Geo characters.

It therefore automatically has a niche role (kennel, dog, you have it). Its constellations are excellent, especially the last one which makes it even more effective in its role of support. It’s actually very easy to decide for Gorou: Do you plan to play a 100% Geo team? Go for it. If not, the character will be of no use to you.

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