The PS5 compatible SSD is on sale for the sales!


If you don’t know too much about SSDs, know that they are the fastest storage media for next gen computers and consoles on the market. However, there are several versions that will be more or less fast without being useless. Another important point, an NVMe SSD will necessarily have a heatsink (or heatsink in English) which is the case of the one we offer you today, otherwise it may give lower performance.

The best current SSDs are those of Generation 4, generally offering around 7000 MB/s in reading, this is the case of the Firecuda 530 or even the SN850. The future is bright for SSDs, as the Gen5 was introduced by Samsung and Intel, it reached a record read speed of 13788 MB/s. Suffice to say that this speed is perfectly incredible.

The WD-BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD is usually available in several versions, with or without a heatsink and in 1TB or 500GB versions.

While conventional hard drives offer large storage capacities for limited speeds, SATA SSDs are more efficient but mostly reserved for launching a Windows partition or games and dependent on SATA ports. NVMe SSDs allow exceptional read times. They plug directly into the motherboard and therefore speed up the start-up of all your applications.

An SSD is therefore the guarantee of ultra-short loading times and high-performance additional storage space. The model we offer embeds the technology 4th generation PCIe which allows it to reach a speed of 7000 MB/s in reading and 5300 MB/s writing for a premium experience.

Usually offered at €299, the WD_BLACK SN850 1 TB SSD is currently available on Amazon at only €191 during the sales.

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