LoL: Karmine Corp and Rekkles blast the LFL with record audiences on Twitch


The day after the launch of the LFL Spring Split, we took the time to give you a feedback on Rekkles’ first appearance within the Karmine Corp. The recruits of the team formed by streamers Kameto and Prime therefore had the opportunity to showcase their talent, triggering the jubilation of the public present, but also from a distance. On Twitch, this first meeting, lasting 40 minutes, managed to register a peak of more than 180,000 viewers, spread over the various streams which broadcast the League of Legends match.

More than a decade after launch, Riot Games’ game is fueling growing eSports fervor. Moreover, the CEO of the company, Nicolo Laurent, spoke at length today to come back to development studio schedule for the next five years. A program in which League of Legends clearly has its place as its popularity continues to grow!

For more than three years, the LFL’s audience figures have been increasing visibly. However, it was during the match between Karmine Corp and Solary, during the Spring Split 2024, that the number of viewers reached a maddening score. : going from 20,000 viewers during the previous edition to more than 190,000 viewers! A year later, the aura of Karmine Corp has managed to set a new record on Twitch!

After the victory against Misfits Premier, on Wednesday January 12, members of the Karmine Corp, just like the community around the team, came into their second meeting feeling fired up. However, promoted team Mirage Elyandra gave Rekkles and his teammates a hard time as they sadly suffered their first Spring Split 2024 loss. But, in the defeat, the team succeeded in exploding an audience record, and this all phases of the championship combined!

In a year’s time, the LFL has come a long way, thanks in part to the rise of the KCorp at European level, and it recorded yesterday a peak audience allowing it to exceed the symbolic threshold of 200,000 viewers, 201,000 viewers according to Esports Charts, surpassing the previous record of 194,979 viewers reached last year. Will 2024 be the year of all records for the LFL? The future will tell !

LoL: Karmine Corp and Rekkles blast the LFL with record audiences on Twitch

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