The real rival of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 on PS5 at the best price!

PS 4

Several versions are available for this pre-order of Horizon Firdibben West. The cheapest version is, logically, that which is planned for the PS4 which is currently found at 69.99 € everywhere. Then we have the one for PS5 which is 79.99 € and finally the collectors which will ask you to crack the wallet a little more! The “classic” collector’s version will ask you for the trifle of € 199.99 to put your hands on it. It contains the steelbook, an art book, in-game content, the PS4 and PS5 versions, and the Defense Strike and Aloy statues.

Finally, it is possible to take the Collector’s Edition Regalla with PS4 and PS5 game, steelbook, Regalla Defense Strike figurine with Tenakths warriors and Aloy figurine, Attakth machine parts, a replica of the Focus and Base, a canvas card, a mini art book, the steel book box of the in-game outfits, the butter and the money of the butter. (Butter and butter money not included)

With all of that, you’ll have access to the pre-order bonus including the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear anyway.

The real rival of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 on PS5 at the best price!

We find them in particular at Micromania which offers you for the occasion 10 € in free voucher! At Fnac too, you can enjoy € 10 free with the card Fnac +. For information, this card costs you € 9.99 per year for the first year, then € 14.90 / year and is non-binding. In addition to giving you access to discounts on products purchased from the firm, you will also have 1 working day deliveries or exclusive promotions, and a 10 € discount on almost all video game pre-orders.

Special editions are also available with a mini art book, a Steel Book case and the digital soundtrack for 10 € more at Micromania, FNAC and Amazon. Be careful, however, the € 10 reduction offer from Fnac and Micromania will not be available.

Be careful, depending on when you read this article, some options may no longer be available! At Amazon for example, the collector’s edition is no longer in stock.

The real rival of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 on PS5 at the best price!

Horizon Fordibben West is the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. This action adventure game invites us to play again Aloy, the heroine of the first part in a huge post-apocalyptic open world. We can explore many landscapes in the Prohibited West, a dangerous territory sheltering new and very mysterious threats. As in the first episode, the huge machines will be there and you will have to compete in ingenuity to face and defeat them.

In an era where machines roam the Earth and humans are no longer the dominant species, a young huntress by the name of Aloy embarks on a journey in search of her destiny.

If that Nintendo fan in you has a ticking ear, don’t worry, it’s okay! Horizon Fordibben West (and its predecessor Zero Dawn) is a true competitor to Zelda Breath of the Wild and it has nothing to envy. Fans of the two franchises will also be able to find their happiness on both sides of the barrier, provided they have the appropriate consoles.

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