This reference of gaming mice is on sale at a low price!


Razer, Logitech, Roccat, there are many possibilities to equip yourself with a gaming mouse during the sales. Impossible to do without for a good gaming experience and yet it is not so easy to choose the one who will be the chosen one and will bring you victory while sublimating your setup. With this Kone AIMO from Roccat, you can have both for just €53.99 instead of €79.99 with free shipping (for Amazon Prime customers).

Where others put on an ultra simplicity, or an ultra complex design, Roccat chooses not to exaggerate on either of the two to produce a very beautiful mouse with very pleasant luminous accents. Customizing your environment is then very easy thanks to the five lighting zones which are independently configurable with AIMO technology.

You should know that this mouse is the new version of the Kone AIMO which comes to perfect the original model by bringing a new sensor more precise than the previous one as well as a high-performance coating that is easy to clean, all in a more refined style. This new coating is grippy, durable and dirt resistant thanks to its hybrid anti-wear coating.

This new version, however, retains the much appreciated ergonomics of its big sister and its optimized area for the thumb. The new optical sensor allows “flawless” precision with 16,000 DPI. It is adjustable in 50 DPI increments to suit all gamers. Finally, 23 button functions are present thanks to the lower button which is set as Easy-Shift by default in the mouse software. Hold it down and every other button will be on its secondary function!

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